The training centre is designed to provide a practical demonstration of how energy is managed and energy savings achieved and monitored.

The Centre’s electricity and water utilities, and heating system, were separated from the main building services in order to monitor energy consumption. Isolation from the main heating system required installation of a stand-alone electric boiler - a stand-alone gas boiler would not be permitted under Ukrainian building regulations. The heating system of the main building was modernized; the boiler was replaced by a heat exchanger.

The heating and ventilation systems are controlled by a Building Energy Management System (BEMS), which also monitors and controls the demonstration installations. It can be used by the instructors to demonstrate different system operating patterns. The advanced lighting control system is also connected to the BEMS. The classroom is equipped with scenario lighting, including dimmers and curtain control. Lighting levels are linked to a light-sensor on the weather station.

The Centre has a variety of demonstration equipment such as meters, valves, pipe and tube samples, as well as demonstration rigs that have either been purchased at cost price from European companies or donated. This equipment provides further opportunities for the trainees to gain hands-on experience with modern energy saving equipment.

A particular series of rigs demonstrates the effect of different control and piping options for the refurbishment of building single pipe heating systems and the introduction of modern controls in residential buildings.